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Speedy's Virgin Gorda Tour

Second in size to Tortola is the magical island of Virgin Gorda. Renown for its unusual topography and the relaxed and simple way of life. The northern side of Virgin Gorda is primarily mountainous with the highest point reaching 418 metres whereas the southern side is relatively flat with gigantic boulders at every turn.

You will be met at the Spanish Town ferry dock by colourful open air safari buses to be taken on a leisurely tour of the island, heading first along Virgin Gorda's Ridge Road towards the North Sound. You will have plenty of opportunities to stop on the way to take photographs of the breathtaking views of the surrounding islands including Prickly Pear, Necker Island, Eustacia Island and the Dog Islands. You may also see a few wandering goats, chickens and donkeys along the way.

A brief stop (approx. 5 min.) will be made at the Gorda Peak National Park with its wide variety of indigenous and exotic vegetation. Gorda Peak is the highest point on the island and again spectacular views abound.

Then it's time to descend to Leverick Bay Resort and Marina. A brightly coloured Caribbean-style resort where you will have the chance to have refreshments at the local Pussers Company Store or if desired, browse in the selection of local gifts and craft shops. (15 min.)

Then it's back into the Safari buses heading south with the next stop being the famous "Spring Bay Beach" (approx. 25 minutes drive). Spring Bay is famous for it's beautiful white sandy beach and exquisite coloured water. You will be allowed to swim, snorkel, walk or explore the rocks for 1 hour 25 minutes. After appreciating one of nature's little secret, it will be time to head back to the buses for your rum punch and the final trip back to the ferry dock and ship.

Approximate Duration: 3.25 hours